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How cross-border e-commerce logistics solves pain and difficulties-Huaguo Freight

Author:China Cargo

How does cross-border e-commerce logistics solve pain?

With the popularization and application of interconnected technologies, cross-border e-commerce has emerged and developed rapidly. After cross-border e-commerce upgrades and transformations in recent years, cross-border e-commerce platforms have now entered the standardization and quality, and consumers in the international market have increased their stickiness to cross-border e-commerce platforms. This is a great opportunity for e-commerce people. But if you want to do a good job in cross-border e-commerce, the headache of logistics must be solved.

1. High logistics cost and slow timeliness.

This is the most important problem faced by all cross-border e-commerce. With the development of cross-border e-commerce, many large and heavy items are shipped to some remote places abroad. If you want high timeliness, you will have to pay high costs. If you want to reduce costs, you must endure the low time limit. Too low time limit can easily drive customers crazy, and even make customers complain or return goods. Although some current high-efficiency channels such as E-Mail, DHL, UPS, etc. are fast, but the prices are also high, the selling price must be increased if they are sold abroad. In this case, the product does not have a price advantage; it reduces profits. The solution can be to choose to cooperate with reliable freight forwarding companies. Some freight forwarding companies can independently develop some dedicated lines, which is more time-efficient and less expensive than DHL and UPS. Another is that different channels are selected according to different goods. For items with a low unit value of goods and which do not require high timeliness, some low-cost channels such as postal services can be used. Units with high unit value and higher profit margins, and if customers require timeliness, choose the corresponding high-priced channel.

2. The goods are damaged or lost.

For some easily damaged goods, it is easy to appear damaged during transportation, or even the problem of lost goods. Once these problems occur, it is easy to cause disputes, which is very troublesome for merchants and also suffers losses. The main solution to this problem is to choose a reliable channel or freight forwarding company. Because some freight forwarding companies have insufficient manpower and operating experience, it is easier to damage or lose the goods, especially in the peak season. Therefore, it is important to choose an experienced and reliable freight forwarding company. When choosing a freight forwarding company, you should examine whether the freight forwarding company has experience and the size of the company. Generally speaking, the longer the operating time, the more experienced the freight forwarding company is and the more mature the operation is. If the goods are damaged or lost, the owner should contact the freight forwarding company as soon as possible to verify the possible links of the damage and loss of the goods; negotiate solutions and communicate with the customer as soon as possible after verification.

3. Slow customs clearance, difficult customs clearance.

The customs clearance problem is inevitable in international logistics. To solve this problem, we must first reflect on whether the customs clearance problem is caused by ourselves or by external factors. Secondly, the method is to choose good channels and freight forwarding companies, and different logistics service providers have different customs clearance capabilities. Before the goods are cleared, you must know whether all the information and documents match the goods, such as common undervalued goods, inconsistent quantities, etc., and whether the declaration elements are complete. If problems are found, communicate with the freight forwarding company in a timely manner. If it is caused by external factors, we need to contact the freight forwarding company, pay close attention to the relevant policies of the import and export countries, and maintain communication and contact with customers in a timely manner. At present, the countries with more complicated customs clearance are Russia, Germany, Italy, Greece, Mexico, Brazil and other countries. In the face of these countries, we must first ensure that our products are not prohibited products, no infringement and other issues. In addition, it is recommended to communicate with customers in advance, ask customers about customs clearance, and let customers provide tax IDs. In countries with stricter inspections in Russia and Brazil, if the amount of goods is large, it is a commercial act, and you need to provide the company tax ID.

4. Cargo dump box.

In this case, you should first verify whether the box was dumped by the freight forwarder or the shipping company. This situation often occurs in the designated freight forwarder. If the freight forwarder's operation is OK (including customs declaration, export procedures, etc.), There can also be dump boxes, then you should directly find the designated freight forwarder. Dumped by the shipping company. If it is the reason of the shipping company, you can apply for free missing installation, and you can contact the customs broker and the freight forwarder to help you. There is also a possibility that the container dumping situation caused by the owner itself can also apply for missed loading, but the owner itself needs to pay the missed loading fee + container overdue fee.

5. Logistics is blocked during peak season.

In the peak season, the logistics channels are blocked, and it is easy to cause delays in parcels. How to solve this problem, overseas warehouses are a good choice. When selecting a third-party overseas warehouse, stocking should be made 2-3 months in advance, and the stocking amount should be determined based on the previous sales volume. The most economical way to stock up overseas warehouses is by sea. When the peak season comes, cargo surges and logistics channels are blocked, resulting in a large number of goods accumulation, and many channels will stop receiving. In the face of this situation, it is good practice to prepare goods in advance and communicate with the freight forwarding company in time to understand the latest logistics situation. In addition, you can also choose some high-priced channels, timeliness and stability can be guaranteed. If you have stopped receiving mail, you should communicate with customers in time to negotiate a solution.

The issue of cross-border logistics has always been a shortcoming of cross-border e-commerce. The efficiency improvement of cross-border logistics lies in achieving reasonable intelligence. High informationization and automatic logistics system can improve the efficiency of order processing. As a domestic professional cross-border logistics freight forwarding company, Fujian Quanzhou Huaguo Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd. (referred to as Huaguo Logistics) takes modern logistics information systems as its core and professionally provides complete logistics solutions for cross-border e-commerce. In the past 20 years, Fujian Huaguo Logistics has formed a service network around the world, covering all parts of the world, and has established long-term and stable cooperative relationships with internationally renowned courier companies such as DHL and UPS. With more than 20 years of extensive international logistics experience and service network, Huaguo Logistics professionally provides head-to-head transportation services from China to the United States, Europe, Japan, India and other countries. Types and cross-border e-commerce logistics needs of different sizes. Welcome to inquire! Still having headaches for cross-border logistics, one phone call solves all logistics problems.

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