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Anniversary of the Railway Freight Reform: From Iron Boss to Xiao Er

n the past year of the cargo reform, the Jinan Railway Bureau has conducted on-site investigations of the needs of shippers, and helped the shippers calculate logistics costs.

Lao Tie Boss Lahuo pulled the reforms (sample · Go straight to the reform front)

Our reporter Pan Junqiang

21 At 21:24 on August 21, Zibo Railway Depot Agricultural Central Railway Station. Container trains to Huangdao Port leave on time. From March 1st to August 20th, the revenue from container transportation in this period was 212.6448 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 73.1%.

In the past year, the railway freight system reform has been from the initial passive entry of cargo reform to the market. Nowadays, it has actively adapted to the market and actively developed the market. This year, market awareness has penetrated the railway freight sector. In order to further integrate into the market, strive for cargo owners, and develop sources of goods, Jinan Railway Bureau has developed a set of "martial arts secrets" for container transportation.

递送 Deliver targeted lower-than-road freight budget plans to target companies

Doing a good job in container transportation is an important condition for integrating railway freight transportation into modern logistics systems. The person in charge of the freight marketing department of the Jinan Railway Bureau introduced that in the container business, adhere to market operations, project management, set up a container project team, and determine the powers.

"The important thing for market-oriented operation is marketing. I used to wait for the receipt of goods, but now I have to go" live "." Liu Hongqing, deputy head of the Zibo Depot, who piloted the pilot, said that he had just started a container transportation project and seemed to be close to the market. Actually, it is far away, and the container shipping market needs to be explored.

Yuan Guoqiang is a member of the container project team of the Zibo Railway Depot. As the head of the Marketing and Logistics Section of the Zibo Railway Depot of the Jinan Railway Bureau, he is deeply touched by market-oriented operations and project-based management. "Push a bunch of people who don't know much about marketing and marketing to the market. The" big boss "style of the iron boss is also exposed." Yuan Guoqiang said, some people go to the business of the shippers who have business dealings with the railway. If the new business is not given to the railway, the previous business will not be done, and people will be forced to take over the business instead of considering how to make it easier for cargo owners to order containers and help enterprises reduce logistics costs and other market services.

Only by going to the field to investigate the needs of the owner and measuring the logistics cost can it be truly integrated into the market. The team members conducted a large number of market surveys. Not only did they find out the amount of goods in the local ceramics market in Zibo, Boxing steel market, Dongying container freight market, etc., but also completed the survey of highway freight costs in 10 days. Take different railway lines and highway lines to perform cost calculations. Hold these calculation forms and reduce prices within the allowable range of railway freight rates. Which one has a cost advantage at a glance and deliver targeted lower-than-road transportation to target companies. Freight budget proposal.

I am glad that with the efforts of all parties, Zibo Depot has direct container transportation to the train. For example, Liu Hongqing said that from the agricultural middle station in Zibo to Huangdao station in Qingdao West Railway Depot, the trains had to be marshalled and disassembled before. They had to stop and wait for the goods at several stations in the middle, and now they arrived directly at the destination without stopping. It used to take a day or two, but now it's 5 hours.

Jinan Railway Bureau has developed direct trains between Huangzhong and Huangdao through cooperation with Fushan Group. As of now, about 500 containers are transported every week, and about 20,000 tons of goods are transported. Through the goods going out here, the transportation cost of each container of the cargo owner is reduced by 250 yuan, which is favored by the cargo owner and has become a brand for the Jinan Railway Bureau to compete for the supply of goods.

Computer automatic binning to eliminate human interference and optimize container utilization

"Before putting it on, it would be difficult to book a container if it wasn't a 'customer' of the railway," said a new owner who successfully booked a container online.

"In the past, manual binning was often given to acquaintances. On the one hand, it is familiar with the owner's business to pack well, and on the other hand, it is considered to maintain customer relationships." According to Meng Fanli, deputy director of the freight business department of Zibo Railway Station, the relationship is good and the amount is small. Boxes can also be obtained, but the new owner may not have enough boxes. For the railways that have been introduced to the market, although the container resources have been fully utilized, they have not captured the major customers.

The automatic container binning system developed by the Jinan Railway Bureau was first piloted at Zibo Railway Station, and these problems were also solved. All cargo owners participated in the system's automatic binning online, and it was very convenient to book containers with the touch of a finger.

According to reports, serving a consignor previously required at least 4 people. Planners, watchkeepers, directors, and clerks who collectively approve research and approval are also prone to errors. Now through this system, manpower is greatly saved, and the error rate is also reduced.

So what do you do when the box is tight? Meng Fanli said that the system adopts the point system. The larger the normal traffic, the higher the points. When the box is tight, the points with the highest points are assigned to the container first. This problem does not exist if you are not nervous.

3In March this year, Zibo Railway Station Freight Center shipped more than 3,200 containers. The automatic container sorting system of the month showed its power as soon as it went online, an increase of more than 100% from the 1,570 containers in March last year. At present, the automatic container binning system has been promoted and applied in the freight department of the entire Jinan Railway Bureau.

   Promote road-port integration and increase sea-rail transportation

货运 The Qingdao Railway Station Freight Center and Qingdao West Railway Depot Huangdao Station under Jinan Railway Bureau are near Qingdao Port. The volume of container in and out is very large, and the sea-rail transportation market is broad.

On the one hand, seize domestic trade resources. According to the introduction of Qingdao Station Station Director Mu Jinzhong, in order to give full play to their respective advantages and promote the integration of roads and ports, Qingdao Station cooperated with the Qingdao Port Authority and four domestic trade container shipping companies to lower their freight rates. Therefore, with the focus on 9 domestic trade routes and 2 foreign trade liners that call at Qingdao Port, the sea cargo will be transported to the inland areas by rail after arriving at Qingdao Port. New market space. Through one-and-a-half years of operation, the volume of sea-rail combined containers from January to July 2014 was 2.4 times that of 2013.

(2) On the other hand, test the launch of the railway container for transit and launch the sea-rail international intermodal transportation business. Relying on the advantages of the port, Qingdao Station Freight Center has determined the mode of operation for launching railway containers, shipping them to foreign ports, packing them back to Qingdao port, and then transiting to overseas via rail transport. According to reports, this project has been under way for half a year, and Qingdao Station has shipped about 300 vehicles since crossing the river by feeling the stones.

In order to reduce the turnaround time and port storage costs, the freight center adopted the "car and other cargo" operation mode. After confirming the estimated arrival time of the container, the convoy was sent in advance to wait, and after unloading the ship, it was directly transferred to the vehicle and transported to the line yard. Shipping can be completed within 12 hours.

哪 Where did my goods go? This is a question that cargo owners care about. Before the freight station of Qingdao Station was changed, it was necessary for the owner to make inquiries or telephone inquiries. He dispatched someone to track the container, notify the owner of the vehicle number of the container, and notify the owner of the container's arrival location in a timely manner. Great convenience. As for the containers sent by the sea-rail intermodal transportation, Qingdao Station sent a special person to Huangdao to carry out the refusal of exchange orders and handle the whole process, which solved the problem of foreign companies setting up an agency in Qingdao.

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