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U.S. New Coronary Pneumonia exceeds 1.97 million cases

Author:China CargoSource:China Cargo

According to the statistics of the new crown epidemic situation released by Johns Hopkins University in the United States, as of 16:33 U.S. Eastern Time, the number of confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia in the United States was 1971302 and 111620 deaths. In the past 24 hours, there have been 14,775 new confirmed cases and 688 new deaths in the United States. A total of 7,185,573 cases of new coronary pneumonia were diagnosed globally, and a total of 408,954 deaths.

Because of the death of black Freud, protests and demonstrations across the country continued. On the 8th local time, New York City in the United States ushered in the first stage of reopening, and New York Governor Como asked the demonstrators to conduct a new coronavirus test at the press conference that day. Como asked New Yorkers to remain vigilant after reopening to prevent the number of confirmed cases from surging again. Como warned that other states, including California, Florida and Texas, experienced a surge in cases after reopening.

In addition, although the new crown virus is still spreading in the United States, and health experts have repeatedly warned that crowd gathering will accelerate the spread of the virus, the Trump campaign team still plans to restart the campaign rally in the next two weeks.

Amazon may become the biggest winner in the epidemic

Although the United States is currently experiencing serious marches and protests, major cities headed by New York have announced restart measures, and New York has already restarted its stagnant business activities this Monday.

In addition, the Fed announced a new round of "Main Street Loan Program" yesterday, allowing more companies to obtain loans at a more favorable rate. It was only under the double good that the US stocks skyrocketed against the trend.

Amazon's share price can lead the way thanks to the severely restricted offline retail stores in the epidemic. Even after the resumption of work, there are still many retail stores and supermarkets that cannot operate normally. And Amazon has become an alternative for consumers.

According to a recent e-commerce survey by RBC Capital, 64% of Amazon customers now make online purchases at least two or three times a month, compared with 54% before the epidemic; and nearly half of the respondents said that the most recent month Spending more than $200 on Amazon is also much higher than the proportion before the outbreak.

"Amazon is expanding its business empire at an alarming rate. Prime members are rapidly expanding from 150 million in January this year to about 200 million, which is equivalent to Amazon taking half a year to achieve the growth that previously took three years to complete. And This is a real long-term benefit because Prime customers are the most loyal Amazon users."-Mahaney, an analyst at RBC Capital

Amazon has made this piece of cake for the online market bigger, and we as sellers can naturally enjoy more traffic and orders.

Although the US stock market rebounded strongly, Comrade Trump, who has always regarded the stock market as his achievements, has not been so troublesome recently. According to the latest CNN polls, Trump’s approval rating has fallen to the bottom, and it is likely to be in November. Lost to Biden in the general election.

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