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Huaguo Express 2020 International Spring Festival Holiday Notice

Author:China Cargo

According to the Customs Holiday Notice of the Spring Festival in 2020, the transshipment situation of each channel is adjusted as follows:

I. International shipments:

January 20 (Lunar calendar 26), the last cut-off time for general goods

January 21 (Lunar Calendar 27th)-January 22 (Lunar Calendar 28) to receive urgent documents, please make an appointment in advance

On Jan. 23 (Lunar New Year's Day) on duty to check, there is receipt, but not delivery

January 24 (30th year of the Chinese New Year)-January 30th (6th day of the first month), all holidays, 7 days in total

January 31 (the seventh day of the first month)-February 1 (the eighth day of the first month), on duty to check, can receive goods, may not be able to ship

No work at weekends on February 2 (the ninth day of the first month), confiscated goods, no shipments

Construction started on February 3 (the tenth day of the first month) and all returned to normal

The specific cut-off time for each channel is as follows:

1. The United States FBA Shanghai: The last water express ship was closed on January 18; the delivery started on January 19 is an expedited item. Depending on the overall situation, it is decided whether to add a counter, but it is not guaranteed. quasi-

2. FBA air dispatch in the U.S .: The last air flight last year was cut off on January 20; delivery from January 21 is an expedited item. Depending on the overall situation, it is decided whether to add a flight, but it is not guaranteed. quasi;

3. Canadian FBA sea and air: the last water boat and the last flight were closed on January 20

4. International express routes: January 20 is the final cut-off time, and January 21-January 22 is the urgent shipment processing.

Important note: The square prediction must be made in advance in the last week to ensure timely shipment!

          Please read the final cut-off time carefully. It is recommended to deliver 2 days earlier, which is more secure!


1. During the holiday, if the time delay due to flight and customs clearance causes the normal export before the holiday, the courier company cannot control, our company will not bear the corresponding responsibility, we hope to know and understand!

2. During the holiday period, because the company is not available for work, the post-checking service may not be as efficient as usual. Please ask foreign guests to go to the official website in real time to follow up. If there is a problem, contact the overseas delivery company to avoid unnecessary delay or Return. If any costs are incurred, our company will not be responsible, if the recipient refuses to pay, it will automatically be changed to the sender to pay! Please communicate well!


Best wishes: Happy Chinese New Year! Business is booming! All the best! Healthy body!

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