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What channels should I use for cross-border e-commerce logistics? You will understand after reading

Author:China Cargo

With the rise of cross-border e-commerce, the market demand for cross-border logistics has also increased. For consumers with international express delivery needs, people engaged in cross-border e-commerce industry, and people in the logistics industry, learn about the differences and timeliness of international logistics channels Still necessary.

Different needs and expenditure budgets need to choose different cross-border logistics channels, different cross-border logistics models, different timeliness and freight rates; choosing different logistics service providers, the service quality is also different. Faced with a wide range of cross-border logistics and international express providers in the current market, how do you choose? Today I will talk about which international express delivery company is strong and the differences between different cross-border logistics channels.

Generally, there are several cross-border logistics channels on the market today: international postal parcels, international dedicated lines, international express delivery, domestic express delivery channels, and overseas warehousing.

Postal packet

Postal parcels are the most widely covered and least expensive channel. But the timeliness is the worst. The postal parcel is an international and domestic postal parcel business service carried out by China Post. It belongs to the category of postal air parcels and is a very economical international express service. Postal parcels cover a wide range and can reach various postal outlets in more than 230 countries and regions around the world. At present, most parcels of cross-border e-commerce are delivered through the postal system because of the wide range and low cost.

2.International Dedicated Line

Cross-border special line logistics is to collect customer's goods, then bulk air freight to foreign countries, air freight to the destination country and then dispatch to local cooperative logistics and courier companies for dispatch. International dedicated lines are generally slightly faster than postal services, and due to the reduced cost of large-scale operations, the cost is lower than the average international express delivery.

3. International Express

International courier has the highest aging, but it is also the most expensive. International express delivery channels are basically monopolized by four international express delivery giants, which are UPS, DHL and FEDEX. International express can reach its destination within two days at the earliest time. The four giants have built their own logistics networks around the world. The timeliness, security are good, and express shipments can be tracked throughout, but they also cause high costs. Therefore, when the value of the goods is high and high time is required, this channel is more suitable.

4.Domestic express channels

Domestic express delivery channel costs are lower than international express delivery such as UPS and DHL, and the timeliness and reliability are slightly worse. The domestic express delivery channels mainly include EMS, SF Express, Stone Connect, and some better domestic freight forwarders such as CTN (Hua Guo Cross-border E-commerce Logistics). In terms of cross-border logistics, SF's international business layout was earlier and more mature, but the coverage of SF and Stone Connect was not extensive enough. EMS relies on postal channels and has a wide coverage.

5. Overseas storage

Overseas warehouse is a logistics model that has emerged in response to cross-border e-commerce. An overseas warehouse refers to an overseas warehouse established in another country. The goods are exported from the home country to the overseas warehouse first.

Buyers order online, and the goods are delivered directly in the buyer's country, which improves timeliness and reduces costs.

Different needs require different channels. Choosing the right channels can save costs and improve economic benefits. Have you got these kinds of international logistics channels?

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