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What is the basic process of international express delivery? Huaguo Freight

What is the basic process of international express delivery?

With the rapid development of network technology, e-commerce and modernization of transportation, international business activities are becoming increasingly frequent, which has greatly promoted the development of international logistics business. For example, import and export goods such as shipping and air transportation, international exhibits, personal goods, and transit goods are inseparable from the international express logistics business.

What is the process of the international express business? I believe everyone is curious! Then I will introduce it to everyone below!

The basic process of international express logistics is roughly this:

1. Pick-up at your door

2. Security inspection of goods

3. Cargo operation

4. Transit port

5. Direct flights

6. Destination customs clearance

7. Delivery

8. Sign the goods

The basic process of international order and express logistics is this:

1. Consumer places an order

2. Purchase and collection

3. Pallet items

4.Foreign shipping

5.Domestic transfer station

6.Warehousing, sorting and packaging

7.Domestic Express

8. Consumers

So what is the general logistics distribution process of the bonded area logistics park? The bonded logistics park is approved by the State Council and is established in the planned area of the bonded area or in a specific port area adjacent to the bonded area. It is a special customs supervision area specializing in the development of modern international logistics industry. It is engaged in storage, distribution, transportation, distribution processing, loading and unloading, logistics information , Scheme design and other related businesses. Enterprises enjoy some special policies of the customs.

The general logistics distribution process in the bonded area is as follows:

1. Processing trade enterprise or general trading company

2.Catch the goods into the bonded logistics park

3.Catch the goods and send them to the sea

The basic operation process of an operational logistics distribution center is to send a series of tasks such as purchasing according to user orders, distribution processing, and so on to users. The specific process is as follows: first, the supplier receives the goods, unloads the goods, then the warehouse picks the goods according to the user, and finally loads them by palletizing, and then the goods are delivered to the user by a large truck.

Finally, we will introduce the logistics center of the next-level distribution. The level-by-level distribution is to transport items from the general logistics center to the next-level distribution point. From the production factory to the distribution center, and then go down one level (provincial customer, municipal customer, district / county customer), it is best to reach the user.

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