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Fujian Province, open to join the region:

1. Zhangzhou: the entire district 2. Fuzhou: the whole district 3. Putian City: the entire district 4. Sanming City: the entire district 5. Ningde City: the entire district 6. Nanping City: the entire district 7. Longyan City: the entire district 8. Xiamen City: the entire district 9. Quanzhou City: Anxi, Dehua, Yongchun, Nan'an, Hui'an

Due to the wide area, it is not possible to list the names of each area one by one. Welcome colleagues who have the strength to seek common development to contact us by phone. Hotline: 18965657119 17750083777

1. Must have the service concept of “customer first, express delivery first”, and be able to strictly abide by the “Huaguo Loan Agency Co., Ltd. Franchise Agreement” and make joint efforts for the development of Huaguo Express Network. (All franchisees must be courier companies with independent legal personality in the application for franchise area. The company's business scope includes related courier and logistics businesses, has a certain courier business foundation, and is committed to and expanding courier services outside the same city) 2. Have the courage, entrepreneurial vision, and long-term cooperation intention. (Hua Guo's franchise contract period is about 1 year, which can be renewed after the 1-year contract expires) 3. Ability to obtain the qualifications required for express delivery business. With certain economic strength, newly joined companies have an investment capacity of at least 100,000 yuan in at least one period of investment. 4. Have good social relationships and connections in the local area. 5. Ability to accept dynamic information management requirements and use Huaguo network software operating procedures unconditionally. It has 24-hour broadband Internet access, and has the function of unified e-mail sending and receiving.

一、Domestic business

1.Domestic Express 2. Domestic logistics 3. Zero Denier Logistics 4, same city distribution Service scope: all over the country, including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan

二、International Business

1.International Express

2. International air transport

3. International shipping

4. International, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Goods Imports

5.Amazon e-commerce logistics

6. Overseas warehouse services

Services: Around the world

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