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Cargo Safety Standards
Transportation route
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Cargo Safety Standards
Dangerous Goods Inspection
Check whether there are the following dangerous goods in the postal package:
(The following are dangerous goods prohibited in air transport)
Fireworks, firecrackers, arms ammunition, gunpowder, flame bombs, warning flame bombs
2.Compressed gas
Butane gas tank, diving oxygen tank, camping gas tank, butane gas, sprayer, fire extinguisher
3.flammable liquid
Oil igniter, lighter, oil painting fuel, binder, combustible perfume
4. Combustible objects
Matches, charcoal
5. Oxidized items
Oxygen generators, chemicals, peroxides / bleaches, powders

6. Toxic and contaminated items
Pesticides, agricultural chemicals, watermark compounds, bacteria, viruses
7. Radioactive material
* Remarks
8. Corrosives
Wet batteries, mercury, hydrochloric acid
9. Other dangerous goods
Magnetized items, engines, solid carbon dioxide (dry ice), lithium batteries (* note)
9. Other dangerous goods
Magnetized items, engines, solid carbon dioxide (dry ice), lithium batteries (* note)
Unacceptable product name
Reason not to accept
Acceptable product name
No product name description or ambiguous product name such as:
"miscellaneous goods","daily commodity" or "precision instruments"(Clear guidelines), or even use product sequences instead of product names
The content is unclear
Wallet, CD
Household products
Possible sprayer
Or high compression pump
Sporting goods
Possible aerosols
Camping goods
There may be a pump
Wet suit
Diving goods
An oxygen cylinder may be present
sleeping bag
Diving goods
Possible medical alcohol
Cold medicine
Digestive medicine
Flammable perfume may be present,
Nail polish,
Nail polish cleaner
Autombile commponents
Possible battery
Toy building blocks
Unacceptable items
Flammable perfumes, adhesives, armor supplies, sprayers, wet batteries, fire extinguishers, aqua respirators, pesticides, oil paints, matches
Electronic equipment containing lithium battery
If it is determined that the sender's package contains a lithium battery, the following conditions must be met:

A: The equipment must be an acceptable electronic device, as follows
Video recorders, walkie-talkies, digital cameras, scanners, Bluetooth headsets, smartphones, power drills, tablets, navigators, radio controlled toy cars, mobile phones, MP3 players, laptops, electric shavers, portable DVD players Device, meter

a. This table indicates electronic products with 4 or less button batteries or 2 lithium batteries or less, but not limited to the electronic products shown above, as long as they meet the requirements for postal transportation;
b. Check that the coin cell battery or lithium battery is correctly installed in the electronic device, has not been removed and placed separately in the packaging;
c. Whether the outer packaging is damaged based on visual appearance, and check whether the outer packaging used may be damaged during air transportation;
d. The power of electronic equipment shall not be greater than 100w.

B. Under normal circumstances, the following products will not be accepted
Electric bicycles, laptops have external batteries, batteries are not installed in the remote control, not installed in the device, the loss of 160 watt-hours of lithium ions, electric wheelchairs, small household generators, no devices are installed in the device, 3.0 watt-hour Battery drain, external defibrillator
Air transport does not accept lithium batteries packaged separately or with such equipment.
Transportation route

  1. Taiwanese:

Is our main promotion route. It already has a strong transportation, customs clearance and delivery team in Taiwan. With the strength of the group in Taiwan, and through first-class, high-quality delivery services, it has been recognized by customers across the Taiwan Straits and the industry! 2, Hong Kong pieces: Hong Kong's strong operating fleet and professional dispatch personnel provide customers with express delivery, bulk cargo, airport, terminal, warehouse delivery services and special delivery services. 3. International Brand Line Luanchuang International Special Line, which specializes in South Asian special lines (India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, United Arab Emirates ...), is the first brand of express delivery in South Asia, with branches in various countries in South Asia. The price advantage is obvious, safe and fast! At the same time, our company also develops special lines in the Middle East and Southeast Asia. There are more than 40 countries that have opened special lines, including non-account freight delivery services and prepaid services to all parts of the world. Japan can achieve next-day service 3. DHL international express service: 敦 German DHL Express Service Co., Ltd., China Express is a large domestic DHL agent in Hong Kong. Wide coverage, fast service, complete trajectory, safe, reliable, convenient query, strong customs clearance ability in the United States and Western Europe. 4. UPS international express service: Huahua Express is one of the agents of UPS in Hong Kong. The logistics service provided by Hong Kong UPS covers a wide range and has a fast time limit, which is suitable for the transportation of high-value and high time-effective goods. 5. TNT international express service: 国际 International express via TNT developed by our company. This service is fast, convenient to query, safe and reliable. It has strong customs clearance ability in Western Europe and strong delivery ability. 6, FEDEX international express service: Huahua Express is one of the FEDEX agents in Hong Kong. The logistics service provided covers a wide range, and is fast, safe and reliable. It feels like delivery in person. The United States can deliver services in one day, with special discounts for international heavy goods! 7. International air transport: International air transportation and domestic air transportation are our traditional advantages. Our company has service agreements with many airlines around the world and has sufficient warehousing guarantees. Hong Kong and China can arrange flights to and from around the world and act as agent for pay-to-pay services . 8. International, Hong Kong and Taiwan import business: Specialized in importing various products. Excellent overseas pick-up service, combined with our many years of import operation experience and good cooperative relations with domestic ports and customs, and with the reasonable and standardized operation mode of Huaguo Network, we provide you with one-stop door-to-door pickup, import declaration, and delivery services !! You are free to choose the pickup and delivery time so that you do not have to wait, we will monitor your shipment and send it directly to you!
Shipping instructions

1. Reported price: Includes freight only, excluding destination tariff and possible warehouse rent or all other miscellaneous charges. The cost incurred at the destination is paid by the recipient. If the recipient refuses to pay, it will automatically be converted The person pays.

2. Quoted price: It is only the currently effective quotation. If it is not sent in time, it will be sent later. The price may change. The previous price may have taken effect. Please reconfirm the latest price before sending.

3. Reported time limit: refers to the time limit for delivery under conditions such as customs clearance and flight smoothness. Weekends and holidays are not counted as working days! Shipping

The day is not counted as a working day, the next day starts to count!

4. Packing instructions: Please do your own packaging work, especially fragile products! If it is the consequence of the packaging problem, our company cannot bear it! If we need our company to do the packaging, our company will not be responsible for the problems and responsibilities caused by the packaging problems.

5. Special packaging: such as wooden box, or non-square box packaging, or other packaging, or extra long, overweight, etc. . . . . . Please call separately to confirm the packaging precautions, so as not to cause the shipment to be shipped normally due to unqualified packaging!

6. Remote address description: If the destination is a remote area, a remote surcharge will be added according to the local charge standard. The amount will be confirmed according to the situation at the time. Please provide the correct destination zip code when sending! If not provided at the time of shipment, this fee will be confirmed by default!

7. Waybill terms: Please read the terms on the back carefully. After you sign your company, you agree to the terms and take effect immediately!

Pay special attention when filling in: the recipient's phone number, address, zip code, unified code, declared value, city name and tax ID of some countries. Our company will not be liable for any delays, delays, shortfalls, or losses caused by the incomplete information of the sender.

8. Commercial Invoice: Commercial invoice is a detailed description of the items you send. It is an important voucher provided to the local customs when the shipment is delivered to the destination. The customs requires customers to complete it by themselves. (Template) If we need to fill it out on our behalf, our company will not be responsible for any problems and responsibilities arising from the invoice, please know!

Please fill in the commercial invoice truthfully, especially: the number of items, product name, purpose, composition, declared value, destination, recipient, etc. If the customs invoice provided by your company does not match the actual goods, delays in customs clearance, taxes and penalties;

7, special product shipment: brand-name products, food, sensitive goods, dangerous goods, valuable securities, RMB, bills, powder liquid

We need to confirm in advance whether it can be mailed or not, and it can not be hidden in the package. If the customs detains or confiscates it or the joint liability is greater, we will not be responsible and hold the power of accountability! The shipment of special products does not include customs clearance at the destination, and the delivery time is not guaranteed!

8. Foreign customs clearance instructions: After the goods arrive abroad, the overseas delivery company will cooperate with the customs clearance after delivery, but if there is a customs clearance problem, the local customs designated the recipient to assist the customs clearance, the recipient must cooperate with the customs to conduct customs clearance. !!

9. Claims for lost or damaged goods

A, Please inform your foreign recipients. When the local dispatcher delivers the express mail, you must confirm on the spot whether the express mail is intact. Otherwise, our company will not accept the express claim after the recipient has signed it (they will not be recognized or authorized abroad)

B. If you need to make a claim, please send a written application to our company and provide proof of the destination within 7 days from the date of receipt by the recipient, otherwise our company has the right not to accept it if it expires. (No recognition or authorization will be granted abroad)

C. For valuables and documents, please insure yourself, or consult our company for insurance matters. Losses can be settled according to the amount insured; for items that are not insured, claims are uniformly settled in accordance with the International Warsaw Treaty: The actual value of the item (compensated according to the application price on the commercial invoice), but the maximum compensation amount for a single ticket does not exceed $ 100. The treaty stipulates that there is no claim for indirect value, including so-called orders and commercial value!

10. Claims for cargo delay

Limitation of delay will not be granted. Public authorities with actual or superficial rights, including damages, losses, delays, shortages, misdelivery, misinformation, and local holidays and festivals caused by the acts or omissions of customs and health officials Delays, not covered by claims). Special circumstances, then special treatment! If the delay is serious, you can only provide up to 5% discount on shipping!

11. Money description

A. What our company believes is between your company and our company (good faith cooperation between the company and the company).

The salesperson has left the job as an excuse to refuse to pay or delay the freight charges caused by the courier sent by your salesperson during your work

B. During the cooperation period, if there is a problem with the shipment, your company must not use the issue as an excuse, and you should be arbitrarily deducted or deducted or defaulted.

All freight paid will be handled in accordance with the regulations.

(Please read the above payment issues carefully, our company will maintain the power of litigation!)

Shipping instructions
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